Pasta Natura: the evolution of tradition

The Customer

All the goodness of pasta: this is the slogan of Pasta Natura, the Company from Busca (Cuneo) producing bronze extruded gluten free pasta.
The quality of this pasta comes from the careful selection of qualified suppliers, that allows the Company to be able to certify the product to the final Customer, with absolute certainty.

At the helm of the Company, Nicholas and Fulvia; with great passion, they carefully follow the whole production process, respecting the naturalness of the product, to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional value of the raw materials.

The high production standards are the result of the respect and valorization of the traditional high quality  processing.
The pasta, rich and balanced from a nutritional point of view, is produced with water and cereals and legumes flours only, which are naturally gluten-free, through a careful artisanal transformation at low temperatures.

A successfull cooperation, what did we do?

Nicholas and Fulvia chose Italpast as their partner, realizing 2 production lines, specific for the processing of gluten-free flours and legumes, in full respect of craftsmanship and technological quality.

The results reached by Pasta Natura thanks to Italpast

Italpast experience, gained in more then 20 years in the sector of Gluten-Free, with different installations all over the World, guarantees a high quality of the product, from special short-cut pasta shapes, to the long, nested ones.

New challenges and new projects for the future to come will be the strong point for Pasta Natura, always supported by Italpast in the choice of the most performing and reliable technological solutions, for the processing of the products of their supply chain

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