Italpast Test Lab

Machines for dry pasta laboratory tests

The experimental laboratory is thought and built for Companies wishing to experiment, from a practical point of view, the technologies for the production of dry food pasta, double check raw materials, study new dough mix and produce new shapes, to also determine packaging volumes.

Extruder for laboratory

Experimental extruders are available in different shapes, with dimensions and capacity specific for each application, all produced in stainless steel AISI 304, and all equipped with:

  • Tilting mixing basin for pre-mixing and hydration, with removable shaft.
  • Extrusion basin, with vacuum device and related pump, fitted on board of the machine.
  • Extrusion cylinder with interspace for thermostatting and related temperature probe.
  • Pressure switch for extrusion pressure control.
  • Extrusion screw in stainless steel, mirror polished, moved by orthogonal axis gearmotor, equipped with electronic speed variator.

Variable speed pasta cutting group, with optic eye and impulse pasta cutting device, for the production of long pasta and special shapes.

Optional equipments:

  • Extrusion basin with thermostatting  interspace.
  • Vertical extrusion device with related thermostatation and pressure control.
  • Closed-circuit thermostat plant.
  • PLC with operator panel for the control and display of parameters, exportable through USB port.
  • Machine is customizable with additional optional controls, according to customer’s needs.

Special version extruder with steam cooker

Basically used for tests on raw gluten free flours.
in this case, the mixer is equipped with a timed steam injection device into the dough to pre-gelatinize the starches of the gluten-free flours.
The mixing basin is equipped with thermal insulation in wooden rock.

Technical features and functions of the extruder are unchanged, as per the standard version.

Optional devices:

No additional equipment is foreseen

Lab dryers for short-cut and long pasta

Lab Dryer is designed and produced to test the drying cycles of short-cut and long pasta, with memorization of temperature and humidity graphic trends.
It is used to optimize the parameter according to shapes and raw materials used.
Standard devices and controls:
  • Stainless steel panels, with 80 mm thickness, for high temperatures
  • Nr. 7 sticks with oval section, for long pasta
  • Nr. 7 aluminum trays, with polyester net, for short-cut pasta
  • Electric heating, or through hot water / overheated water exchanger
  • Humidifier through injector, with atomized water
  • Ventilation with variable speed, adjustable in the recipe
  • Electric fan for air change, with partialization by PID control
  • Analogic probe for temperature and humidity control
  • Electric panel with PLC and “touch” operator panel for the control of drying cycles and the memorization of humidity and temperature graphic trends
  • USB door to export datas in XKS format
  • Ethernet door for the online connection, with printer or supervision PC

Optional devices:

  • Support base in stainless steel, on feet or on wheels
  • Possibility to personalize programs and drying cycles

Video delle nostre macchine Test-lab per pasta secca

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