Italpast MethodExperience and professionalism: the strength points of Italpast Method

Our approach to the Customer guarantees the right choice for the most suitable machines for pasta production.

The continuous improvement and efficiency of your plants are our mission, to satisfy the highest production standards.

Thanks to our 36 years of activity experience, we defined a professional method to satisfy the real exigencies of our Customers:

The method, divided into three steps, is an approach developed to arrive to the best solution for the customer, regarding the choice of  the most suitable pasta production machines for his Business.

Listen to your needs

A specialized experts team is at your disposal to provide you a serious assistance service, quick and reliable.
Thanks to its years of experience, Italpast has consolidated Know How,


with an excellent management of the production processes, a demonstrated knowledge in the fields of mechanics, electronics and problem analysis, finding the best solutions for your real production needs.

Guaranteed excellence

once identified your needs and the best solution, we guarantee our products with a pre-commissioning at our premises, before shipping the pasta production plant.


The pre-commissioning at Italpast is a stress test process on the plant, to get confirmation of the proper functioning and the coherent synergy between mechanical and electric components to guarantee the best final result.

Our support

We provide quick and attentive technical assistance, with particular attitude to manage urgencies and emergencies, overhaul and maintenance services on machines and spare parts, direct supply of spare parts, planning of control interventions and preventive maintenance.


Thanks to our remote control technologies we’re able to intervene quickly and efficiently, to completely assist you from anywhere in the World

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