Short-cut pasta

Short-cut pasta lines up to 1000 Kg/hr

Short-cut pasta production lines can be divided into artisanal lines usually used for production of special shapes, semi-automatic lines equipped with more automations and usually used in medium-, big-size pasta factories and continuous automatic lines, which are the preferred choice of industries for large production lots.

Production process

The Extruders, all available in the vacuum version fitted to the extrusion basin, can be of the “batch” type, i.e. equipped with the classical mixing basin or continuous and automatic, suitable for productions over 200 Kgs per hour.

In this last case they are equipped with automatic dosers for flour and liquids and Centrifuge pre-mixer.
After the hydration phase the dough is extruded through the pasta die which determines its shape. At exit of the die the pasta is cut at the desired length and transferred to the Pre-dryer fitted with vibrating tiers for the initial pre-drying phase, which is needed to stabilize the product shape.

Drying can be effected on carriages (trolleys) in static chambers or in continuous upon mats.

Static drying means that the product is homogeneously spread onto looms that are superimposed, making up the carriage; this last operation can be carried out automatically thanks to the Loom-feeder and the Loom-stacker located in the line. This operation does not require an operator, who will simply have to take the carriage and push it into the Dryer. Continuous drying is suggested for long production cycles: in this case the pasta is taken from the Pre-dryer and thanks to an elevator conveyor belt it is transferred into the Dryer; at outfeed it will be fully dried and stabilized.

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