Pastificio Strampelli : the Italian pasta at high altitude!

The Customer

Strampelli is the greater Pasta Factory in Italy; its name comes from Nazzareno Strampelli,
an agronomist and geneticist from the Marche Region, who invented genetics of pasta, thus revolutionizing
Italian and World agriculture.

Pastificio Strampelli is recognized for the use of 100% Italian wheats, mixed with the purest waters of Pizzuto
and Velino Mountains.

What did Pastificio Strampelli need and which goals did they want to achieve?

The purpose of Pastificio Strampelli was to bring the culinary traditions of the Region back, thus becoming the Leader in the sector of high quality artisanal Pasta production.

To succeed in the challenge, Strampelli chose to differentiate himself on the Market, by specializing in the production of special pasta shapes, typical of Amatrice, such as bucatino shape, addressing to a demanding clientele, able to appreciate the quality and authenticity of the pasta they produce.

A successfull cooperation, what did we do?

Our cooperation fully involved us in the realization of this project; actually, we took care of the layout preparation, providing an important support for the plant realization.

The main purpose of this cooperation was to satisfy the production needs of the customer, ensuring the best product quality and work quality; we therefore offered and installed our model MAC1000 Multipla, with a maximum capacity of 1000 kg/h, able to produce short-cut and long dry pasta.

The results achieved by Strampelli thanks to Italpast

Further to this cooperation, Pastificio Strampelli has been able to increase his production capacity and to improve the efficiency of his production,  standing out among the most important producers of high quality special shapes pasta.

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