Multiple line

Multiple line: one single line to produce short-cut pasta, long pasta and special shapes

Quite high flexibility, reduced overall dimensions and easy operation are the main features of the “Multipla” line, available in different versions by outputs of 200-250-300-400-700 and 1000 kg/h. By means of specific accessories and complementary machines the “Multipla” line enables production of standard, short-cut pasta shapes and also special shapes, such as “penne” and “cannelloni” by means of proper cutting devices, spaghetti and other shapes of long pasta, tagliatelle and angel hair either in nests or skeins, lasagne and “Bologna” type pasta (e.g. bow-tie shapes).

The continuous, automatic Extruder is fitted with double extrusion head: round head, for the production of short-cut pasta, long pasta and special shapes and linear head, for the production of long special pasta shapes, enabling change of production typology in a very short time, so as not to have to disassemble or remove any machinery.
All production phases are automatic and the same for the single production of short-cut and long pasta as depicted in the specific paragraphs.

The entire production line can be managed by PLC fitted on the main control panel and possibly controlled by PC and Line-Supervision program.

The “Multipla” line is the ideal solution for any shapes for the customers who do not need high outputs: at a later stage this production line can be integrated in dedicated lines for short-cut pasta or long pasta by simply purchasing another Extruder.

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