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The fresh pasta production lines that we engineer and manufacture confirm our company acquired know-how in the conception of innovative production machinery, such as Pasteurizers, Cooling tunnels and continuous Cookers, equipment and systems for automatic control and supervision of the plants by Plc. To install a fresh pasta production plant the following aspects must be assessed: type of product (filled pasta, either double sheet or single sheet, unfilled pasta, either extruded or laminated, regional, coloured, gluten-free pasta and anything else required by the market), quantity of the product to be produced daily, available room and schemes for machine positioning, type of treatment. Some machines are customized for specific uses, i.e. production of typical pasta shapes of italian tradition, Eastern noodles and many other alternative products.

In direct coupling with the Mixers our company propose the “shuttle” device that can be used in high output lines, made up of machines needing feeding (up to 10 stations for each Mixer). All the machines are in compliance with the hygienic as well as with the HACCP standards: manufactured mainly in stainless steel, enabling easy access for cleaning and sanitization.

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