Static dryers

Static drying process, results and quality ensured

Drying, mainly occurring in static environment, has always been considered the most critical phase to obtain good quality pasta, both as to product aspect (colour, brilliance), nutritional properties and hold while cooking (consistency, cohesiveness, absence of pieces stuck together).

Most often the poor results obtained as to quality of the final product, depend on approximate engineering of the Dryer or even worse, in certain cases, on lack of the necessary equipment, which are always the main cause for obtaining a very bad quality of the final product, which can show streaks, cracks and fragility while cooking.

To get round this negative phenomena, Italpast first engineered and manufactured new models of dryers featuring different outputs.
Assuming that in the drying process the technological parameters are related to temperature, humidity, time and ventilation.

The phases that alternate to enable pasta to dry at 12% humidity are ventilation (which is required so that the surface water on the product evaporates) and refreshment (so that water inside the pasta can come out to the surface), our company has optimized the structural features of the Dryers:

  • Airtight panelling for construction of the drying chambers including gaskets between panels and floor so as to avoid heat dispersion and consequently, higher energy consumption.
  • Ventilation unit composed of reversible, high-efficiency centrifugal fans (made in stainless steel) and deflectors/ air conveyors with special profiles, studied so that the air flux arrives uniformly all over the product.
  • Humidity exhaust unit composed of exhausters enabling humidity extraction (made in stainless steel) in various points in the lower part of the chamber, automatic-opening shutter (made in stainless steel) synchronized with the exhauster to control infeed of the exchange air.
  • Temperature control by means of analog probe controlling the heat exchangers running either by electric resistances or hot water or steam
  • Electric control panel complete with PLC for managing and storing of the various drying phases (pre-drying, drying, stabilization) depending on the shape to the dried.

A net PLC controls each drying chamber making up the plant. All phases comprising the loading cycle, drying, stabilization and cooling of the product are controlled independently for each drying chamber. The temperature/humidity analog probe controls the set temperature and air exchange by means of electric exhausters. Each program enables the optional setting of control devices of ventilation speed and steam infeed group. Each cycle can be customized depending on the kind of product either in the short-cut or long pasta mode.

All recipes and settings are stored on a Secure Digital Card (SD) located in the proper slot on the operating panel. The temperature and humidity trends are stored for each chamber and cycle: they can be immediately displayed or exported in a file by means of a USB door. As an alternative, the PLC can be connected to a PC by means of a network switch (Ethernet) enabling – thanks to a proper program – to display the operator panel of directly export the files to be stored. Thanks to proper optional devices the PLC enables online connection allowing remote access from PC, Tablet or smart phone. The program controls all the a.m. functions for each drying chamber enabling to store up to 99 recipes, each of which is composed of 32 separate phases.

In the HT series variants, made entirely of stainless steel with an internal insulation layer of rock wool, temperatures of over 90°C can be reached, allowing drying even at high temperatures.

Models available with 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 trolleys for trays with different high of 35, 50, 70 mm or trolleys for sticks with lengh 600 and 1200 mm

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