Long pasta

Long pasta lines, from 200up to 800 Kg/hr

Automatic continuous Extruders are used for long pasta production, equipped with head for round dies or linear dies coupled with the automatic Spreading machine.

After spreading on the sticks the pasta is trimmed in length and the scraps are transferred automatically to the cyclone located on the extruder mixer by means of a pneumatic system; the double basin is quite important, since it enables better integration and hydration of the scraps with the new dough mixture.

The still fresh, long pasta spread on the sticks depending on the production requirements, can pass through a specific pre-drying tunnel before being put onto the proper trolleys. The sticks can be put onto the trolleys either manually or by means of a suitable robotized device; the same device can be used to remove the sticks from the trolley and put them onto the Stripper.

The trolley is put into the Dryers specifically studied for long pasta:
they are equipped with a specific ventilation system and humidity exhaust system for long pasta enabling initial pre-drying phase (eliminating the extra costs for a pre-drying tunnel) and subsequent drying and stabilization, which are automatically managed by the PLC located on the electric control panel. At the end of this process an operator will take the trolleys out of the Dryers and put the sticks onto the Stripper/Cutter, which automatically removes the long pasta and cuts it at the desired length for transport to the Packaging machine.

Production lines with output of 200 Kg per hour approx. are available, featuring Extruders fitted with round or linear head and Spreading machine suitable for sticks measuring 600 and 1200 mms. in length.

Our machines for long dry pasta

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