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Innovative solutions for the production of gluten free pasta, functional-neutraceutic and legumes pasta

The kind of gluten free pasta, initially thought specifically for people with celiac diseases and for those intolerant to gluten, is now becoming synonymous of alternative nutrition for everyone, both from a nutritional-physiological, and organoleptic point of view.

Nowadays, the market is able to offer gluten free products even more differentiated, thanks to alternative raw materials obtained from rice, corn, oats, millets, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth and others, thanks to their nutritional properties (more proteins, fibers and mineral antioxidans).

In recent years, the market of gluten-free flours and/or products realized with legumes flours, has significantly grown, both in Italy and in the rest of the World.

L’innovativo Processo Tecnologico Italpast Gluten-Free

Le tecnologie di processo ITALPAST GLUTEN FREE permettono di ottenere pasta senza glutine utilizzando farine pregelatinizzate oppure farine crude ottenute direttamente dalla materia prima.

Technology for the production of gluten-free dry pasta with gelatinization plant

The ITALPAST GLUTEN FREE processes technology allow to produce using flours that have already been heat treated, therefore pre-gelatinized flours, or raw flours, directly obtained from raw material.

The sanitization criteria, specific for this kind of plants, require ordinary maintenance of the main mechanical parts, that have to be easily inspectable, accessible and, in some cases, washable; furthermore, also the type of materials of the components coming into contact with the product is specific, according to the different raw materials used during production.

Compared to the traditional plants, the main technological differences are basically linked to the kind of hydration of water/flours, to the use of mixing basins with special reels, as well as the innovative ITALPAST HACCP Inox Design compression groups.

These use compression screws with special profile, equipped with variable geometry with independent temperature control, for a better monitoring of the extrusion phase.

The drying cycles, carried out in static chamber or by automatic continuous dryers, are managed by specific recipes for the use of gluten free or legumes raw materials.

Each phase of the production process is entirely managed from the PLC, with possibility to interact through specific connection to the Customer’s Company system through PC, with dedicated software (Industry 4.0).

Italpast pregel tech: the news in gluten free sector

This technological choice is the new flexible and profitable solution to gelatinize raw gluten-free flours, with a technology specifically thought and tested to solve the main problems such as inhomogeneity of treatment, the decrease in production capacity, the high energy consumption.

The innovative ITALPAST PREGEL TECH pre-gelatinization system provides for the addition into the line of a steam injection cooking basin, while the control of the pre gelatinization level takes place in an experimental and personalized way for each raw material used.

All settings concerning the technological process are easily memorized in specific recipes, available for the operator, and managed by PLC.

During the thermal treatment of gelatinization the steam is directly injected into the basin through interchangeable calibrated noozles, chose according to the raw material to be treated.

The mixing basin, the cover and the adduction devices, are equipped of rock wool insulation to ensure the maximum insulation and energy saving.

The system ensure low energy consumptions, an excellent control on the gelatinization level, reduced plant maintenance costs, and flexibility even for small medium productions.

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