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Dry pasta plants, labs of excellence

Establishing a dry pasta lab requires essentially a mixing-shaping unit, one or more drying units or other complementary machines specific for different pasta shapes and types (e.g. spaghetti, nests, regional shapes, penne and other), weighing and packaging machines. Considering all these phases Italpast can supply suitable machines depending on the production output required by the Customer

Description of the machines composing the line

For outputs up to 150 kg/hr Italpast Extruders are equipped with total vacuum extrusion devices, temperature and pressure control, variable-step endless screw for better consistency of the dough. Over 150 kg/hr Extruders run automatically thanks to a Centrifuge pre-mixer for the excellent mixing of raw materials and in the correct proportions.

Pasta is dried in the post-production phase; in order to ensure better moisture conditions and allow a partial drying pasta is transferred to the Pre-dryer with vibrating tiers (pre-drying phase) then it undergoes a final drying inside the static Dryer, which is equipped with PLC enabling precise and automatic management of the drying cycle with possibility to customize and store the programs.

Video delle nostre linee continue per macchine di pasta artigianale secca

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